Gianni Segatta

Gianni Segatta

The Italian designer Gianni Segatta discovered the leather world since his childhood, learning the fine art of artisan shoemaking. During his youth, he attended one of the leading Italian Art Institutes and he got inspired by the vibrant artistic environment of the ‘70s.

Art studies and extended journeys around Europe helped him to get in touch with the mood and the trends of the time. He had the opportunity to meet artists and designers with different backgrounds.
In 1974, he registered his brand and started to create exclusive bags and leather accessories in his Atelier in Venice.

During the following years, thanks to his energy and his talent, he worked for some of the most prestigious European brands in leather products, and travelled all over the world, learning new techniques to create quality products.

Nowaday, Gianni Segatta is a well-known designer focusing his energy and creativity on his brand, creating handmade bags and accessories in Venetian area.

Gianni Segatta brand comes from a lifelong passion for leather and craftmanship. Every creation by Gianni Segatta is original, and goes beyond the standards like a unique handmade object, realized with refined and high quality materials.

Gianni Segatta teases the fantasy with unconventional products that reflect temper and personality rather than the fashion market lines. Each product is wholly handmade, following traditional techniques and using machineries as little as possible.

The materials are naturally treated, the precious leather from ostrich, crocodile, python as well as organic silk, linen, cottons, straw and wool.
Gianni Segatta combines trendy style with eco-friendly materials and techniques.